7 days / 6 nights
545 €*

Aveyron loop

From April to June and from September to October
You would need a all life to discover the historical and natural secrets of this place in France.

You would need all life to discover the historical and natural secrets of this place in France.

During this journey you will meet a place full of authenticity and unic. We are wishing you : welcome at our place !  


Travel details day by day

Departure from the starting point to AVEYRON.
Meal free on the road.
We could add a meal for 15 € and then a ride.
Settled in the room
Dinner and night.
Breakfast at your place.
The morning we will go to the canyon of the Tarn. We will drop off bikes. One of the too ride will go at the top the Mont AIGOUAL and the other will stay on a beautifull landscape named Causse. The first have a 115 km and the second is 75 km long. Non riders will discover the SEVERAC LE CHATEAU village who is a beautifull exemple of a medieval aera of AVEYRON.
Then we will go by bus on the Millau bridge seesight. Riders will have their lunch at LE ROZIER and non riders at the area of the bridge. Both will eat the basket lunch of the hotel.
The afternoon, we will pick up cyclists at NANT. Then if we get the time to do it, we will go to the COUVERTOIRADE village. It's a beautifull exemple of a crusaders village of the twelve century.
Dinner and night.
Breakfast at the hotel.
Today we will go to BROUSSE LE CHATEAU. The ride is 70 km long for 1245 m. You will pass on the RASPES landscape. Non riders will go at PEYRE, a troglodytic village.
Basket lunch in PEYRE.
The afternoon will go at the ROQUEFORT cave, where you will visit the factory of the famous cheese.
Dinner and night.
The bus will go at SAUVETERRE DE ROUERGUE. This is one of the most beautifull village of France. You could go on two rides starting from here : One of them, the longest, is going to NAJAC and the VILLEFRANCHE. The longest is 85 km long and the other 60 km.
Basket lunch pic nic at VILLEFRANCHE DE ROUERGUE.
The afternoon you will go to the medieval village of BELCASTEL. Cyclists will be pick up ath this place.
Dinner and night.
We will go today at the village of CONQUES. This is one of the most beautifull place in Aveyron. We will drop off cyclists at MARCILLAC VALLON, a place who is known for its wine. They will ride on 46 km to go to CONQUES. There is no place like this one in Europe because there is a roman abbaye with an architectural tresure. You could also visit with an add the room of the tresure of CONQUES.
Basket lunch at this place.
The afternoon, cyclists will ride from CONQUES to the doors of RODEZ. You will ride between two valley and cross a lot of medieval villages. Then the bus pick up cyclists at VABRES parc. Non riders will discover the small village of SALLES LA SOURCE.
Dinner and night
The morning, the bus will lead you to the village of ESTAING. Riders will go from here to the mountains of Aubrac and then to LAGUIOLE (60 km long and 1230 m)
The driver will drive to LAGUIOLE where you will eat the famous plate : the Aligot.
The afternoon, riders could go on the Aubrac and then go back to your place. You will have 80 km but only 922 m. Non riders could visit the famous knives factory of LAGUIOLE.
Dinner and night.
Free meals on the road.

Rates and reservations

Theses prices includes:

  • Bus and trailer transport
  • Repatriation Insurance
  • Accomodation in a chalet in double room
  • Full board with basket lunch
  • Road books and GPS
  • The restaurant lunch at LAGUIOLE

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